Going for a Second Opinion

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Unbeknownst to me, Hubby has been doing more research and came to the conclusion of “we need more info”. Then coincidentally, our vet called to let us know that she had just returned (yesterday) from a round-table where there was a noted vet oncologist present. The oncologist provided her some information that makes our vet to want to do a biopsy to see exactly what type of cancer Mika has. The type of cancer (agressive or non-agressive) will help us better determine the best way to proceed. Dave (aka Hubby/Daddy) and I, plus our vet believe that her leg has been hurting for so long, that it’s probably not one of the aggressive cancers – which would be great news. The last thing we want to do is to have her go through the surgery when her prognosis would be dismal. (And I know so many of you have had a dismal prognosis and yet, had your pups bouce back splendidly!) She’s a large dog, with a guestimated lifespan of 12 years, maaaaybe 14 at very very best – probably not with cancer in her body, 4th leg or no 4th leg, but I’m pretending) and she’s 10~11 years old, so we just don’t want to put her through too much to give ourselves a couple of extra months. (Damn, where’s that crystal ball when I need it!)

Soooo, long story short, we ARE going to see an oncologist afterall and try to get more info and do an very detailed (more expensive) biopsy next Tuesday before we move ahead. Luckily, the radiologist said that her lungs look great, so at least it hasn’t spread, but if it’s a really agressive we have to think about the next steps.

Shoot, and I was so looking forward to moving forward…

P.S. Anyone heard of Dr. Michael Kiselow, DVM in Campbell, CA?

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11 thoughts on “Going for a Second Opinion”

  1. I understand not wanting to putting Mika through amputation if it won’t buy her more time. However, even if we are not given more time with amputation (after the first couple of weeks) the time that we have can be free of pain.
    If you find that crystal ball share it with the rest of us! On second thought, don’t share it. Had I known we would only had 5 1/2 months more with Emily I might have concentrated on her death not her life.
    Anyway, I am praying for you and your girl.

  2. I think this is a ‘good plan’ FWIW 🙂 You and your hubby are doing ‘good’ IMO. Keep us updated..

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  3. Honestly… I think it’s a good idea to do a biopsy first… Many times something may look like OS on x-rays… but isn’t really when they do the biopsy. If your baby is lucky enough to have a non-malignant (or low malignant) tumor… then maybe she doesn’t need an amputation…

    So, good luck with the biopsy… and keep us posted!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  4. Thanks everyone, for sharing your thoughts. I have a feeling the leg is going to have to go, but it’s a better alternative that some other worst case scenarios. As my hubby just said, “How bizarre is it to think, ‘Man, I hope they have to talk off my dog’s leg!’ ?'”

    I’ll keep everyone posted!
    Mari (Mika’s Mom)

  5. Mari –

    Perfect! You have an excellent idea!!! Just like some of your friends can talk an ear off, maybe we can just talk her leg off! …

    But seriously folks – we both do appreciate the support and balanced advice, comments and support you are all giving.

    If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry…


  6. It’s always good to laugh! We’re keeping fingers and paws crossed for Mika…
    Holly and Holly’s mom

  7. Good luck in your decision making! If only we all had a crystal ball to make these tough decisions.

    You need to make the right decision based on Mika’s needs! We are thinking about you and hope no matter what you decide you will keep us posted!



  8. Thanks, Angel! I sent the evil spammer’s post to the black hole to sit in misery with all the world’s missing socks, never to be seen again!

  9. I wish there was some way to track those evil spammers… and then crash their computers forever!!!! 🙂 Guess I’ll have to settle with them being sent to the black hole instead…

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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