Kids say the darnest things…

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The night before Mika’s amputation, my preschooler was expressing some concern that Mika would be sad about losing her leg. Accordingly, she wondered aloud, “Maybe Dr. K can also tell Mika some jokes to make her feel better like this, ‘Blah, blah, blah cross the road?’ Then Mika will say, ‘Awroo~ Awroo~’.” LOL

Although my toddler twins don’t quite understand what happened, my four year old is very happy to tell anyone and everyone that she has a three-legged dog now. LOL At the grocery last night, I let her pick a toy for Mika and when another shopper asked her, “Is that for your doggie?”, Naomi piped up, “Yes, she had an owie leg so the vet took it off. Mika lost her leg, but found her happiness…”

Just last night, she also asked my husband when the vet was going to put Mika’s leg back on. Uhhhh…

I have to admit, we are very relieved that even the kids understand that Mika’s amputation has been a PAWsative experience!

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3 thoughts on “Kids say the darnest things…”

  1. Hey Mika!

    I heard through the grapevine that you are getting a leg put back on! (okay, it was Naomi that told me)

    I just want to ask, will it be the same color? Because I think you should go all black, if you get to choose. Black matches everything and it makes your legs look long and thin.

    Good luck on your re-attachment surgery!

    Cool Cat Comet,
    leader and founder of the AMBF (Anti-MonkeyButt Force)

  2. Hey CCC,

    Ya, about the whole leg reattachement thing…if my sisters have any say in it, it will be a hot pink leg with sparkles, princess-related adornments and my toes would be manicured with purple glitter. All bling, all the time…

    I’m with you on the black though…shows less dirt. 🙂

  3. Holly’s with your sisters – go for some bling! LOL! But I’d vote for black – more classy with the advantage of not showing dirt.

    I loved the comment about she lost her leg but found her happiness. Isn’t that the truth?

    Holly Jolly By Golly and her mom

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