For Your Viewing Pleasure – Mika Hobbles Home

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Well, I thought today’s homecoming was a wonderful success. What do you think? (Just click on my links to see a few quick video clips)

Mika’s first steps’>watch?v=dJqSjy4dT2o

Hey, she’s actually smiling!

Ahhh…good to be home!

Hey, kid! Don’t eat my treat!
(Notice the tight grip I have on my toddler’s shirt so she doesn’t accidentally bump Mika. Mika was too zoinked to even care that Elise tried to eat her dog treat. LOL)

GO MIKA GO!! What a great day! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “For Your Viewing Pleasure – Mika Hobbles Home”

  1. Mikkkkkkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….we can’t see the movies! What’s up?
    But it sure is great to know your homecoming has been hoppy!

  2. Ohhh…the underlines captions ARE the links. I tried to embed, but failed miserably. lol Try again and let me know if it doesn’t work. 🙂

  3. Facebook says…

    “Secure Video: Due to privacy settings, not everyone can see this video. Log in to Facebook if you have permission.”

    Embedding videos shared on YouTube or other video sharing sites in blog posts is simple. Here are instructions from the recent WordPress New Feature Overview.

  4. Even if we can’t see the videos, we are delighted at the goods news that Mika is home and hanging on her specially created bed. You Go Girl! We have wood floors too, and M&D put down hall runners all over, not exactly high falut’n decorating, but excellent for chasing balls without sliding into the walls, ha! Get better soon and keep smiling. Golden hugs and front leg high-5, Shelby

  5. I couldn’t get it to work either. Got the same message as above. Maybe we have to be facebook friends. My facebook name is Debra Simpson Aldridge. If you want to send me a friend request and I will see if I can see the videos then. Just let me know your facebook name or send a note with the request so I know it is a valid friend request and not spam.

  6. Oh Mika looks so much like Jake did with the bandage after surgery! He also had problems balancing when he was walking… and we were using the sling… but very quickly, he figured things out, as I’m sure that Mika will… She will pee soon, for sure… When you take her out, try to release the sling for a few minutes… she may be feeling weird about being held while she tries to do her business… but be closeby, in case you need to grab her sling if she looses her balance…

    Sending kisses and hugs to your sweet Mika!!! Heal quickly!!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  7. The first pee and the first poop are much anticipated milestones. Sort of like potty training for the kids!!
    I hope you have a smooth recovery.

    Karen and the pug girls

  8. Well, guess who just peed! And she actually doesn’t want any help hopping anymore, since the sling is just getting in the way. More videos to follow…

    P.S. And yes, it’s like the anticipation of potty-training. I’m going through this with the twins now, so the pup is a cinch compared to those two. LOL

  9. Glad you are home, Mika! Protect those treats & make your pawrents give you more. You deserve every one. Opie

  10. Welcome home, Mika! We’re so glad you’re doing well. And you’re so lucky to have pawrents with a great sense of humor! Holly says to definitely milk them for more treats, especially if you can convince them that your siblings have eaten them all.
    Holly and Holly’s mom

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